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Learn the meditation technique that doesn't require meditation!  You can optionally sit and relax and read the philosophy text provided.


Pedagogy is a system that allows you to become a pedagogue, or writer of A grade essays, which are tokens of professionalism in education and work.  While meditating, study University or Lucianic Meditation, Medicine, Nietzschean or Lucianic philosophy, creative writing and optionally computer science subjects (for these, see Computational English).  When you have collected the pedagogical ways of thinking (Pedagogy) and ideas for most of your philosophy, breason out (think of the x, y and z dimensions of an object per sentence in) the 80-breasoning A-grade Anarchy Quiz (Politics) 50 times, then study a University or Lucianic Pedagogy course.  Then, breason out the Delegate Workloads and Recordings arguments for postgraduate study and the Lecturer argument so that all your thoughts can be in breasoning form, and will be with daily regimen. Also, breason out 250 breasonings in each of the Accreditation and Prevent Problems in Accreditation arguments to independently breason out arguments, while thinking of accreditation in the daily regimen.


Meditation is practised by silently repeating the "Lucian" mantra for twenty minutes twice per day and the "Green" sutra for twenty minutes twice per day, which allow your thoughts to be become lighter and lighter until you forget them, preventing stress.

Computational English

Computational English is a system of hermeneutics (interpretation of texts) about literary texts in this case.


Economics covers leadership, key areas of business and economics theory.


Medicine should be completed concurrently while starting to meditate by breasoning out 250 breasonings in at least 10 of the chapters, to maintain one's health.


The Anarchy Quiz

Computer Science

Radidly breason out documents, breason out a Daoist headache-preventing Medicine argument and Level 1 Celebrity Comment-Finder (lasts 6 months).

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